“Greetings, Welcome to DEADSVILLE AFTER DARK! My name

is J. “Bony” Deaderson. What’s that? What’s the ‘J’ stand for? Nothing! I’m DEAD!” 


Hold on there, Bony!

Sorry, folks. Our friend up there gets a bit carried away sometimes.

My name is Dale Elster. The fella standing to my left? Or is it your left? My right? Anyway – see him down there? That’s him! The guy that still has all of his hair. His name is T.D. Trask (Terry) and we’re horror authors.Dale Elster

We wrote DEADSVILLE: 13 Tales of Horror, the book that inspired this site. It’s a collection of stories that are set in a town called Rock Creek, aka DEADSVILLE. A place where bad things happen to the good – and sometimes bad – people there. It’s a one-stoplight town in the middle of nowhere, on the way to nowhere. Perhaps you’ve been to a town like Rock Creek – a town ruled by quiet, country boredom. Perhaps you’ll pay our fictional town a visit! We’d love to have you.

The idea behind our little corner of the interwebs is two-fold. This site gives us a place to promote our works of dark fiction, and also a space where we can freely talk about the horror genre without the confines of 140-character tweets or Facebook police.

We like to write fiction as much as we like to talk about horror mT.D. Traskovies, horror TV shows, horror novels and anthologies (like DEADSVILLE! #gratuitous #plug) – heck, even horror music! Our intention with this site is to talk about the genre we love – and have a little fun while we’re at it!

On DEADSVILLE AFTER DARK, we’ll review movies we’ve seen, whether they’re new releases or old classics. We’ll chat about that great horror novel we’re reading, or dig into the bibliographies of authors who continue to inspire us. If we’re lucky, maybe we’ll score an interview or two!

So come on in! Make yourself at home. Pour yourself a glass of something fancy and settle in – at least until that storm outside passes. They get pretty violent in this neck of the woods.

I sure hope the lights don’t go out!

You wouldn’t believe the things that come out of the dark here.


  1. Blaze has arrived! I love your blog already, and you’ve only just started it. Bony makes a most excellent host. I will be visiting often. Happy writing and blogging!


    1. Dale Elster

      Thanks for dropping by! Glad you dig the site.
      Our pal Bony likes visitors!
      Comments warm the cockles of his heart.
      At least they would – if he had one!

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