Netflix and CHILLS, Part Two


In this continuing series, I scroll through the horror menu on Netflix and post reviews on the gory goodies that catch my eye!

In today’s installment, I give you the low-down on the recently added… A CHRISTMAS HORROR STORY.

Christmas comes early for horror fans with this fun little anthology film!

Comprised of four interconnected tales set in the small town of Bailey Downs one Christmas Eve, A Christmas Horror Story has all the goodies horror fans crave: zombies, demons, ghosts, killers… and Krampus!

The film, both in tone and style, feels so much like 2009’s anthology gem Trick ‘R Treat, that I was certain the same creative minds were at work on A Christmas Horror Story. This is not the case, but the trio of directors and handful of writers of ACHS do a superb job of delivering their four colorfully-wrapped presents – all tied with shiny, blood-red ribbons.

The film opens at The North Pole, with Santa getting ready for his big night. Something is awry however, as one elf suddenly goes off on a bizarre, expletive-filled rant that culminates in a grisly accident leading to the little one’s death – but not for long. Soon Santa finds himself battling a horde of zombie elves… and something darker.

Another story concerns strange murders at the local high school, with a trio of ghost-hunting students investigating after hours. Let’s just say those meddling kids discover something other than a villainous adult wearing a scary mask.

In another tale, a family trespasses onto private property for an afternoon of Christmas tree hunting and wind up with much more than they bargained for.

A dysfunctional family of four pay a surprise visit to rich old Aunt Edda in the hope of scoring some bail-out money to leverage the poor business decisions of her nephew. Instead of getting money, the exceedingly naughty behavior of mom, dad, and the bratty kids lead to a grisly encounter with Krampus in the woods later that night.

The threads of the four tales are loosely connected to William Shatner, who turns in a hilarious cameo performance as Dangerous Dan, a local DJ with an affinity for egg-nog – and ranting, Glenn Beck-style monologues.

ACHS packs an intoxicating mix of horror and humor into its stocking. In that respect, it very much reminded me of Creepshow. The fact that it doesn’t take itself too seriously is exactly what makes this film work. Sure, the stories are mostly colorful icing, but the sugar cookies underneath ain’t half bad.

Kick back, dunk those cookies in the boozy egg-nog of your choosing and enjoy this riot of a Christmas party! You’ll be glad you did.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, Deadies!


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