Netflix and CHILLS, Part 3



For this third installment in the Netflix and CHILLS series, I explore one of my favorite kinds of horror films – the anthology!

HOLIDAYS is comprised of eight short horror films, with each tale themed around – you guessed it – a particular holiday. The short films themselves range from the humorous to straight up twisted, and the result is an uneven film overall.

The fact that HOLIDAYS is uneven is not unusual for an anthology film, and hardly disqualifies it as a good viewing experience. Most anthologies, whether in film or in print, are oftentimes uneven, with consumers picking and choosing favorite stories depending on their personal tastes.

For me, HOLIDAYS had its weak moments, but overall I found it to a fun little movie. The stories are short enough that, even if you don’t care for one, it’s over and on to the next before you decide to bail. And chances are, you’ll find the next story worthy of watching, leaving you curious to see what happens in the tale that follows.

My favorites include “Valentine’s Day,” about a bullied girl with a deadly crush on her gym teacher. “Easter,” a bizarre story that, despite it not-great makeup effects, puts an enjoyable, twisted spin on the holiday’s traditions. “Father’s Day” is a well-directed short film that would’ve made an effective cold open for an X-Files episode. “Christmas,” starring Robot Chicken creator and Family Guy alum Seth Greene, is a very “Black Mirror”-ish tale of a desperate father trying to score the hottest gamer tech of the season at the last minute on Christmas Eve. Finally, “New Year’s” is a fun, splatter-filled romp about the creepy perils of online dating.

HOLIDAYS is a horror holiday you won’t want to skip. Pop some corn and grab your favorite beverage. You’ll have to endure a few “relatives,” but you’ll be drunk enough not to care.

When searching Netflix, look for this film by title instead of genre. For some reason, it isn’t listed under “horror movies.”

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