Movie Review: The Conjuring 2

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This review is only an opinion piece. If you read this and disagree, take a deep breath, cool your jets, and grab a cool drink. These are my thoughts and I’ll say any damn thing I think since, come on, it doesn’t truly matter.


Over the past few years, I’ve become a bit disillusioned with many horror films. Most have the same tired themes and lack originality. Occasionally I’ve been pleasantly surprised by a new horror film, such as The Babadook and Bone Tomahawk. Film makers would be better served to delve into the indie horror scene to get a fresh perspective, because there is a growing library of horror that has not yet been cultivated for ideas.

That being said, I still really liked The Conjuring 2. True, the film really doesn’t break new ground. Ed and Lorraine Warren are once again pulled by a series of circumstances to investigate a North London home. A woman and her children are enduring frightening experiences and ask for help. The Warrens arrive and then the real fun begins.

Director James Wan has been making films for years now, most well-known for his trend-setting film Saw and more lately for Furious 7. This fine director knows horror, and he knows how to build a climax. While I’ve not been completely enamored with some of his films, this one works.

I walked into this film expecting kind of a retread of the first Conjuring, but it really isn’t. Though the central characters remain the same from the previous film to this one, Wan builds upon the first film to bring us a totally new story.

Using the Enfield Haunting incident from decades ago, Wan goes full throttle, not caring a whit about how historically accurate it is. Honestly, as I watched the first Conjuring, I was a little distracted by the inaccuracies of the main characters, the Warrens, as well as the problems in the story. Still, it was one of the better horror films of that year. I plan on re-watching it again soon to see if I’ll have an attitude adjustment about it.

In this film, the Warrens, once again played by the fine actor Patrick Wilson (the guy who’s good in everything and you recognize, but can never remember his name) and Vera Farmiga. They have a comfortable chemistry with one another, and this brings a nice grounding to all the weird things they go through. I hesitate to say anything further about the plot since if you decide you’d like to give it a try I don’t want to sully your experience. The film is rated R, and thinking back on it, I don’t remember any swear words at all and not a lot of blood, and absolutely no sex, so I figure it has to be because of the intensity of the fear it instills in viewers.

This film can stand alone as one of the best horror efforts of this year. This is a solid film, ably directed, with fine acting all the way around. There are plenty of scare jumps, a creepy demonic creature dressed as a nun, and a fine sense of overall dread and fear that drapes over the entire story. And for once, here is a horror film climax that delivers and satisfies.

I’ve read in other reviews that this is not only a good horror film, but a good film outside of any genre, and I agree totally. I highly recommend this film.




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