Let me go right ahead and recommend this book to you.

Let me also go right ahead and remind you that everything comes at a price.

Read MISTER WHITE. But be warned – this book will take something from you. Your time? Absolutely. But that time will be well spent. This book has higher aims.

It will take a piece of your soul.

There will be no negotiation. MR. WHITE does NOT negotiate.

But MR. WHITE has his generosities. Here’s what he WILL promise:

You will be treated to one of the best horror novels of the year. That horror novel will feature spies, international intrigue, and at the center of its dark heart: icy horror and soul-ruining devastation. You will be treated to a visceral vision of Hell not experienced since the early works of Clive Barker. You will endure suspense on levels you never thought possible in a horror novel. Your stomach will likely turn as these dark delights are revealed.

But as horrifying as they are, and as hard as you might try, you will never forget them.

MISTER WHITE follows the story of Lewis, a CIA operative who asks a most unfortunate question:

“Who is Mr. White?”

From that moment on, a series of grisly horrors follows Lewis in his desperate attempt to reach his family, who he learns is in just as much danger as he is from the terrifying and elusive entity known only as Mr. White. While on the run, Lewis discovers clues to a government conspiracy that branches into a terrifying darkness beyond this world.

MISTER WHITE is the debut novel release from Grey Matter Press, known primarily for their genre redefining short story anthologies since the small publisher first opened its doors in 2013. Written by author John C. Foster, based upon a short story of his that shares the same title, MISTER WHITE hooks you from the first page and never lets go until the last sentence of the final chapter!

I never thought a horror novel/international intrigue thriller could ever endure a mash-up, (let alone having ever heard of one before) but MISTER WHITE effortlessly pulls off the feat, seamlessly integrating elements of both in a way that never feels forced or inauthentic.

If I’m honest, I have to confess that some areas of the plot frustrated me, particularly in regard to the ending, but I can’t share the specifics in this review without spoiling it. On the other hand, as a reader I enjoy being challenged. What I can tell you about the ending is that it is powerful – and memorable.

And it WILL take something from you. A little piece of your soul. And maybe – just maybe – a bit of your sanity as well.

Venturing into the dark corners of MISTER WHITE’s hellish world comes at a price.

DO speak his name, however! Tell everyone you know.

MISTER WHITE is a horror novel you need to have on your shelf.

Thanks for reading, Deadies!





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