Horror Short Films 2: Short Filmier


Greetings once again, Deadies!

In my first post about short horror films, I talked about how the short form – in both films and in fiction – is not dead.

In fact, it’s thriving. You just have to know where to look.

Fortunately for short films, there’s YouTube. Perhaps you’ve heard of it. The challenging thing about that is sifting through the roughly 1.8 kabillion (I’m guessing – pretty sure that’s a real number, though) videos on the site, without getting distracted by the plethora of Red Bull swillin’ dudes doing stupid shit or adorable cats doing adorable stuff (SO MANY ADORABLE CATS!).

Fortunately, for us fans short on disposable time, other YouTuber horror fans have done a great deal of the sifting for us! You can also type in a few key words and see what rises from the depths, but I’m a lazy sumbitch.

One of the films I intended to include in the last post was this little gem. THE BIRCH is just flat-out COOL. To say anything about it would risk spoiling it, so I’ll just get out of the way and let you enjoy…


Pretty great, right?

And how about those special effects? Impressive, especially for a short film with  a limited budget.


THE WHISPERER is pretty cool, too. Not as impressive as THE BIRCH in terms of story, but it’s directed very well, and it’s pretty damn scary! It’s only a few minutes long – check it out and see what you think…


I HEARD IT TOO is excellent. A real gut punch to the soul…


BEDTIME is terrific. Based on an idea found on Reddit, this film is a fantastic take on the whole monster-under-the-bed story. Enjoy!


In my last post about short horror films, I included one called THE SMILING MAN. The one below shares the same title, but is an entirely different film. This one I saw a while back, and I’m including it because it’s just so fucking WEIRD. Because of this, it gets under your skin in a different way than the other films in this post. Enjoy it – but you may want to rethink those late-night neighborhood strolls from now on…


SKYPEMARE is the longest of the bunch, but it’s still short enough that you could probably sneak it in before the boss catches you, not that I’m advocating that sort of thing. A great little horror short that surprised me in more ways than one!


Pretty cool, right? I thought it was clever and fun and scary – as good horror should be!

Well, Deadies – that concludes this little visit to short film land. I hope you had fun – I know I did! Let’s do this again real soon. I’ll sift through YouTube and see what I can find. If you’ve seen some good ones, share the titles with me in the comments section! I’m always up for a bite-sized horror snack! Gotta go now – the boss is coming!

Not sure why he’s carrying a knife





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