Horror short films are like those fun-size candy bars that are dropped into trick-or-treater’s bags every Halloween. They’re short, sweet, and if they’re done right, they leave you wanting more.

If you’ve seen my previous posts about horror short films (scroll through the BLOG heading on the HOME page) you know I’m a fan of the short form of this genre – on the screen and on the page. Given the fact that I grew up on a steady diet of Twilight Zone episodes, not to mention the great horror anthologies of the 80’s, which always featured stories by Stephen King, Ramsey Campbell, Dennis Etchison and countless others, it’s no surprise that this passion for short fiction has followed me into (gasp!) my fifth decade on this rock.

Imagine my delight when I discovered Hoax while scrolling through the titles on the Amazon streaming app! It’s a short film, and it’s based on a story by author Greg F. Gifune, one of the best scribes in the biz! Home run, right?

You’re damn right it is!

Hoax has a noir feel (another genre that I love) and follows the story of a bartender and her encounter with a mysterious stranger amid a quiet night at said bar. To say more would ruin it, suffice to say it’s a great little film worthy of The Twilight Zone legend, even if that may not have been the film’s intention.  The film is twelve minutes long but whizzes by so fast, you’ll swear it’s only a fraction of that length. Despite a moment or two where I felt the dialogue got a bit clunky, it was a real joy to watch.

I would have liked to include Hoax in my next post about horror short films, but I couldn’t find it listed on YouTube. It is available on the Amazon streaming app (FREE with your Prime membership!) and it’s definitely worth your time to check out.

Also, please check out author Greg F. Gifune’s other work. He has dozens of titles to choose from! Click on the image at the bottom of this post to check them out.

Thanks for reading, Deadies!

Now go get yourself some fun-size HORROR!





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