Greetings, Deadies!

Rarely does a horror film come along that has people ta

lking, AND is deserving of all the buzz.

Goodnight Mommy is such a film.

I was suspicious when I saw all the online chatter about it. As usual, it took me MONTHS before I saw it – not that I didn’t want to, but anyone who knows me knows that I live in something of a “hostile environment” when it comes to horror movies. The translation? My wife is NOT a horror fan.

I have to fit horror movies in whenever I have the house to myself – which does not happen often. At least not often enough to fit in the tremendous backlog of films I have yet to see!

I hear John Carpenter’s THE THING is pretty good.

Kidding! In a future post, I am going to focus on that classic, and show off one of my most prized nerd possessions relating to the movie. T.D. Trask knows what that possession is…

Stay tuned, Deadies!

Back to Goodnight Mommy.

Hospitalized with apparent cosmetic surgery, a mother comes home to her twin boys, who are rather shaken by the bandages covering her face. Her once playful, loving manner appear to also be hidden, as she isolates herself in her bedroom to recover. When she becomes impatient and angry with the boys after they ply her to interact with them in the way she used to, they become increasingly convinced that the woman underneath the bandages is NOT their mother. No spoilers here, but the boys suspicions escalate, and the second half of the film takes a MUCH darker tone.

The film has a cold, “Kubrickian” feel to it, which is intentional and serves to mirror the emotionally distant relationship between the boys and their mother. That sam

e detached quality augments the harrowing events leading to the film’s controversial conclusion, like an unblinking eye, forced open to absorb every frame of the horrific finale.

Goodnight Mommy lives up to the buzz generated on the interwebs. In fact, I consider it to be a modern classic of the genre. True, you’ll have to read subtitles, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying an excellent – and chilling – horror film.

But don’t tell your mother how much you enjoyed it!








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