Film Review of Hush

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Take a home invasion premise, strip it down to the bare bones, and what you get is this taut little film. Hush is one of the most bare bones films I’ve ever seen, but that doesn’t mean that the film is bad. On the contrary, this is one helluva suspense film, and I’ve seen a lot of them.

Kate Siegel plays Maddie, a deaf writer who has isolated herself in her rural home with her cat. Okay, admittedly, this sounds like a bit of a stretch, but if you can accept that premise, the rest of the film will be a tense rollercoaster ride. John Gallagher Jr. plays the Man, a sadistic masked killer who fancies himself a terrific tormenter, and discovers Maddie. What follows is 87 minutes of nail-biting cat-and-mouse between good versus evil. Just try not to pass out from holding your breath.

I hesitate to go into too much detail, but let me just say that it surprised the hell out of me. I’d never heard of the film before, and now I want to urge every horror film lover out there to give this one a try. Yeah, you’ll be screaming at the screen, but in a good way.

Director and co-writer (with Kate Siegel) Mike Flanagan does a terrific job building suspense and not letting lapses in logic fly beyond belief. This director has another film out soon, called Before I Wake, and apparently has been announced to direct Gerald’s Game, from the Stephen King novel.

Nine and a half gravestones out of ten. Catch it on Netflix streaming, Deadies.



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