Film Review: LIGHTS OUT

Lights Out is a fun little film about those things that you can only see in the dark. Director David Sandberg’s scary-as-hell short film was done so well that he got signed to do the major motion picture, and he did it well. If you want, take a look at the original short film. Don’t worry, it’s only about 2:42 minutes and won’t give away anything about the film.

By the way, check out Dale Elster’s terrific post about short horror films. This one is there, as well as some frightening new films to help you get your creep on.

Now that you’ve seen the short film, imagine that as an entire ninety minute picture. From the opening the viewer gets exactly what they paid good money for, jump scares on screen and the feeling that even in the darkened theatre, no one is safe. There is a surprisingly decent story, and the actors are all uniformly good and believable. Maria Bello is terrific as the mentally ill mother, as are Teresa Palmer as the spunky, troubled daughter, and Gabriel Bateman as the constantly trembling Martin.

Unfortunately, about an hour into the movie, I was getting tired of seeing the same old creaking floors, doorknobs rattling, and silhouettes in the shadows. There is little variety in the frights. True, there are some very fine jump scares, but the same scare over and over again got wearing for me to the point I could see them coming.

But the point that kind of ruined it for me most was one silly little abnormality in common sense and logic of storyline. The back story about how the bad entity came to be in existence was, well, in my mind at least, ridiculous. I won’t give out any spoilers, because I believe Lights Out still merits a watch. Watch it in the dark for full effect. And you can fully expect to see sequels in the future.

So Deadies, I give Lights Out full film 7 out of 10 headstones. The short Lights Out film 10 out of 10.


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