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With Alien: Covenant, legendary director Ridley Scott embarks on his third voyage into the Alien universe – a world he created (built upon the brilliant script by Dan O’Bannon and Ronald Shusett) nearly four decades ago.

With many fans grumbling about Prometheus, (I loved that film, and frankly never understood the harsh criticism) rumor had it that Covenant would be everything Prometheus wasn’t – a scary, action-packed horror film with loads of Xenomorphs!

It delivers. The scares come early and often after the crew of the Covenant receive a signal of human origin – in a part of the universe where there can be no humans. Once the signal is traced to a nearby habitable planet, the crew set aside their colonization mission to planet Origae 6 and follow the signal to its source – a beautiful, paradise of a planet – or so it seems. In a matter of hours, the crew of the Covenant regrets the detour as they fight for their lives against hordes of ‘aliens’ – including a few very hard to kill new species. These new xenos were particularly cool – resembling the H.R. Giger alien, with a touch of Clive Barker injected into their DNA.

Overall, with Alien: Covenant, Ridley Scott has a delivered a popcorn-worthy summer flick. It’s solid, loaded with scary alien action sequences, and should serve to quiet the rowdy masses who were upset with the direction of Prometheus. My biggest complaints with Covenant? One of the biggest “surprises” in the film I saw coming a MILE away, and with regards to the scares, while there are many, they quickly fade at the end of the scenes, rather than maintaining (and intensifying) the dread as the first Alien was so successful at doing. Still, the fanboys should be happy, and the film appears to be headed toward enough success that there will be another one, most likely directed by Scott, that should lead up to the events of the first film, thus completing (hopefully) the circle.

If you bundled together Alien, James Cameron’s ALIENS, and Covenant, you’d have one hell of a trilogy. I still have mixed feelings over David Fincher’s Alien 3, and don’t even get me started on Joss Whedon’s Alien: Resurrection. If Ridley Scott can complete his vision for this series, I’m game for another film, but I’d rather see Ridley embark on another sci-fi adventure that ISN’T set in the Alien universe.

See Alien: Covenant. Then go back and watch Prometheus again. It’s a much better film than you remember, and one that frankly never got its due. In twenty years, I think everyone is going to finally acknowledge that film as a classic.

Thanks for reading, Deadies!


  1. Linda

    I totally agree with you! It would make a hell of a trilogy… I would definitely buy!!!

    1. Dale Elster

      And I’m sure the marketing folks at the studio will package these films together – though perhaps with Prometheus added!
      Not to mention the inevitable mega-expensive, mega-box set that will one day contain THE ENTIRE FRANCHISE.
      Because those suits don’t see Xenomorphs – they see cash cows! 😀
      Thanks for commenting, Linda.
      Be sure to visit again!

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