About the Authors

Dale Elster

Dale ElsterDale Elster is a horror and dark fiction author living in upstate New York with his wife and two children.

His short fiction has appeared in anthologies by NorGus Press, Collaboration of the Dead, the Stealth Fiction anthology, “Daylight Dims, Volume 2” and DEADSVILLE – his first-ever collection of horror short fiction!

Dale invites you to connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, and Pinterest!

Also, his house may or may not be haunted.
But it definitely is.

T.D. Trask

T.D. TraskTD Trask is a writer of horror. A self-described reformed Scottish-Irish barbarian, he lives in Binghamton, NY with his wife, Dena and their two feline overlords, Ralphie and Gracie.

He has lived on both American coasts, has gotten his kicks on Route 66 more than once, visited Area 51, received an abrupt military invitation to leave Area 51, and is one degree of separation from Mel Gibson, Lou Ferrigno, James Whitmore and Bill Maher.

His first published novel, “Still Waters”, is about a man who forms a deep and unexpected connection with a most unusual neighbor. “Legend of the Tiger” is an epic fantasy-thriller depicting the dangerous mission of a band of domestic animals trying to protect our planet from ecological terrorism. His latest effort, “Deadsville”, co-written with author Dale Elster, is an anthology of short, throwback-style horror stories set in fictional Rock Creek, NY, where strange and terrifying things happen to everyday, rural people. Works-in-progress include “The Callers”, a horror story set once again in Upstate’s Rock Creek, as well as his next short story collection, “Banquet of Souls”.