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If you’re a fan of John Carpenter or Clive Barker, there’s a good probability you’re going to dig The Void, a fun little low-budget affair that serves as a throwback horror film very reminiscent of John Carpenter’s early work, especially in the film’s first half.

The story concerns a deputy sheriff who discovers a man stumbling out of the woods, bloodied and terrified. The nearest hospital is on the verge of closing, (much like the police st...

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It’s easy to see why The Blackcoat’s Daughter divided viewers when it came out.

It’s a slow burn – emphasis on SLOW.

Watching the film is like experiencing an endless waking nightmare of tortured visions that float across your mind’s eye in a macabre parade.

Overall, the film works pretty well. I appreciated the fact that it tries – and largely succeeds – at being an unconventional horror film. One without cheap jump scares or predictable...

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FRAGILE STORM is an excellent short horror film starring everybody’s favorite cult actor – the legendary Lance Henriksen. The film, at a mere nine-minutes-and-change, packs a hefty emotional wallop, with a story that bears more than a passing resemblance to some of Rod Serling’s finest work on Twilight Zone.

Give it a look, Deadies!

I think you’ll dig it.